Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more stupid, this happens.

A website called Celeb Boutique is actually so dumb and clueless to the world around them that they think that “Aurora” is trending on Twitter right now because of a Kim Kardashian inspired dress. Apparently these people are either living under a rock or they’re so classless that they’re mocking the horrifically devastating event that took place in the Denver suburb last night during the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises.

I’m not sure how someone could be so obtuse and unaware of their surroundings, but I guess if you’re going to sell dresses “inspired” by equally obtuse celebrities, that’s how you have to roll. I don’t know about you, but that fucking winky face in the tweet just makes it all even worse.

So far the tweet that you see above has been up there for 56 minutes, and no one from the site has taken it down or apologized. If this is how they’re going to market their clothing, then fuck them. Below are just a few of the hundreds of responses they’ve already received and yet the tweet is still up as I write this.

Photo: Twitter