More information has been released about Lauren Scruggs, the model and fashion blogger who was severely injured by a small airplane’s propeller earlier this week. Scruggs’ left hand was severed and her face and shoulder were sliced in the accident. At this point, doctors don’t know whether she’ll regain the use of her left eye.

I’ll admit that I wondered how such an accident could happen, but I probably wouldn’t have asked that out loud at this stage of the game. Fortunately, though, the good people at “Good Morning America” are shameless enough to delve right into it for me.

They report that the plane Scruggs was injured by was flown by Kurt Richmond, a friend of the family’s. Scruggs’ father apparently believes that Lauren went back to the plane to thank him for the ride one last time, and that’s when the accident happened:

ABC News Aviation Consultant John Nance agrees that she may not have known that she was in the vicinity of the spinning propeller when she was struck, adding that the engine on a small airplane makes far more noise than the propeller does, and she would need to be acutely aware of the physiology of the airplane to be able to detect it.

“It is highly probable that Lauren was coming back and the pilot did not know that she was in the vicinity … it would be one of your worst nightmares to see somebody looming up out of the darkness towards a propeller that’s running,” Nance said.

People reports that Scruggs is walking and talking today.