Did no one think to tell Sarah Polley that the carpet would be the same color red as her dress…and that the premiere of Nobody’s Fools was supposed to be a funky minidress event? No? That message never got sent?

I happen to be a huge Sarah Polley fan (yes, I am occasionally approve of certain things) – but this whole getup is a little too prom night for my taste. Especially given that poor Sarah is sandwiched between two glamazons who are looking about as chic as can be.

You can’t compete with that in a plain ol’ long red dress and silver wedge heels. No matter how hard you try, Sarah, it’s just not going to end well.

The good news is that you are still cute as a button. But let’s get back to the days where you wore funky outfits and were all indie awesome, okay?


Image: Bauer Griffin