And here I thought that your basic tuna was all any housewife needed in her repertoire! How wrong I was…

According to Martha, there are a full 11 casseroles which demand your attention and your expertise. I may just try to whip one of these up, and I’ll say that in addition to being filling and delicious, they have the added benefit of being another way to pretend that it’s fall. Nothing says cold weather like a casserole! Anyway — let’s take a closer look at a select few of Big M’s suggestions:

  1. Shepherd’s Pie: OK, classic if you’re British, I guess
  2. Spicy Coconut Chicken Casserole: I’d like to dispute the “classic” nature of this dish, I feel it’s the red scarf of the casserole closet — something to be added only after you’ve accumulated the basics
  3. Stuffed Poblanos: What the hell is a poblano?
  4. Baked Ravioli: I call shenanigans, this isn’t a casserole
  5. Mediterranean Tuna-Noodle Casserole: Finally! Although leave it to Martha to slap a “Mediterranean” in front of this all-American classic. Ah well. If we’re tampering with the name here, I think I’d like to call it…the freedom casserole. Who’s with me?