Happy Election Day!

Have you voted yet? What did you wear? Did you make a friend in line? Were you like me and pulled an absentee ballot move? WHERE YOU DON’T GET A STICKER. Or are you just ready for this whole thing to be over, see who the winner is and just move on with your life either happily here or in another country? Would you like a free snack?

Every election day you can almost guarantee you’ll be able to snag some free goodies if you play your cards right and, oh, vote. With just a wave of the “I Voted” sticker, you can reap the benefits of not only feeling good for participating in the democratic process, but scoring a free burger or vibrator, too. Repeat: FREE burger and FREE vibrator.

Lots of place are giving away free stuff. Whether it’s a free something or other with a purchase of something else, or just a straight up free treat that only requires showing your sticker, you can probably live today — depending on where you reside — on just a few dollars or none at all.

From free rides to the polls (thanks to Uber), to 50% off all day today (ZipCar), to a free burger (Z-Burger), your “I Voted” sticker is definitely going to help in the realm of free stuff. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Here’s just a few places/companies that are giving you an extra incentive to vote today. If you check out social media, you’ll definitely find even more local places that are also participating in giving you some love for casting your vote. I can’t even tell you how many bars in my neighborhood alone are giving out a free drink today when you show your sticker.

So, eat, drink and be merry… but after you vote.

If you know of other places, please let your fellow TheGloss readers know in the comment section. Sharing is caring and caring is patriotic.