Ladies, you’ll be happy to hear that we now have our very own marathon at Disney. It’s called the Tinker Bell Marathon, and guess what — it’s only half a marathon! That’s right, because it’s geared towards our subpar athletic ability.

OK, I’m kind of kidding. Kind of. But you’d think that there would be a better way to announce it than what’s in the OC Register:

Disneyland Resort is set to hold a new half marathon event geared for women in January, the company announced Tuesday morning (today).

The first Tinker Bell Half Marathon events are scheduled for January 27 to 29 in Anaheim. Men are allowed to register, but the half marathon is mostly targeted for women.

Aside from the fact that that is poorly written, it also announces it in such a way as to suggest that really, men can do the Tinker Bell Marathon, but why would they want to? This is for girls.

Oh yes, and that’s the other thing; women who run marathons aren’t Tinker Bells. They aren’t flitting around and pouting because their manchild crush is helping Wendy learn how to fly. They don’t need you to clap for them so they don’t die. All they need is a good pair of sneakers.

So maybe next time you create a new marathon for the double X set, you could name it after…oh wait, there aren’t any strong female Disney characters. I guess that’s why they think we can only handle half a marathon.