Yes, that's made with Duct Tape.

Somewhere along the line, Scotch Duct Tape went and got really cool.

With a variety of color and prints that you normally wouldn’t associate with Duct Tape, there’s a whole world of items you can make for yourself and your friends. You probably never thought that you could make an entire floral arrangement with Duct Tape, but you can and you don’t have to worry about it dying — ever.

The possibilities of DIY projects are endless, and if you can’t come up with anything on your own, the website is a treasure trove of ideas. Scotch Duct Tape just became the best friend for DIY aficionados. Check out the gallery of ideas, and when you’re done you can hop over to Scotch Duct Tape’s website to take their style quiz. Quizes are always an ideal way to procrastinate during the work day.

(Photo: Awesome purse made by Maya at Maya in the Moment)

This post is sponsored by Scotch Duct Tape