Recently while trolling the web, I uncovered what appears to be a subculture of blogs written by young marrieds and Southern sorority girls. Among them, I found a blog post about a young mother whose father called her fat after she didn’t lose her baby weight in a timely manner:

“My dad said that 1. I shouldn’t be wearing maternity jeans anymore and 2. I ‘need to do something to get rid of that baby weight’.”
Now, I’m not going to lie; this story makes me bristle. But in my infinite wisdom, I’ve learned that just because something strikes me as wrong doesn’t mean that it strikes everybody that way, and I was schooled on this fact yet again when I read the  blogger’s response to her dad’s reprimand:
And he’s right.  Don’t give me that “it took 9 months to put it on so it takes just as long {if not longer} to take it off” bullcrap.  I can name PLENTY of friends {both IRL and blogger} that dropped their baby weight in 3 months and some were even skinner {bitches}.

So I ask you, in all honesty: do you think that parents weighing in on their adult children’s weight is acceptable, or out of line?