We’ve all experienced outright rivalry at some point in our lives. Whether it was that girl in eighth grade who was gunning for your boyfriend, or that asshole who was up for the same job you were — rivalry, in all it’s dramatic glory, is a part of life.

But a friendly rivalry is a bit different. Friendly rivalry implies a certain maturity, a certain ability to stand one’s ground with grace and humor, to fight for what one wants while still respecting one’s competitors.

In other words, it sounds like being a Buddhist warrior monk. To demonstrate what that might look like in the world of magazine publishing, I give you Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, Cindi Leive, and Editor-in-Cheif of Elle, Robbie Myers. At a fashion show last night, the two let on that they have what they would call a “friendly rivalry” on the work front. According to Styleite:

“I’ve never seen Cindi’s knife,” Myers said with a laugh. Grinning, Leive said she “would not say our claws are sharpened for each other.”

And maybe that’s because Elle and Glamour service different kinds of fashion-loving women. Myers said the Elle girl is “a fashion girl, for sure … but she’s not a slave to trends.” Leive’s reader, on the other hand, is “just looking for something to make her feel good when she gets up in the morning.”

Um…huh. I guess I’d rather be an Elle girl, then?

Anyway, the notion of a friendly rivalry — even this one — seems to have an edge that could turn mean-spirited at the drop of a fashion-forward hat. One woman’s fair move, after all, could be another woman’s stab in the back. And can rivals ever really be friends? Maybe what they meant to imply was “healthy competition,” but it doesn’t sound like it.

At any rate, I’m curious — do you have a friendly rivalry with anyone?