Thanks for this, SC Johnson. Thanks for reminding me that “parental guidance is needed in every access to TV and internet.” Because apparently, whatever my kids are watching has them so sleepy they can barley keep their eyes open.

I should probably stop them from watching TV all together. We should do something cultural. Something where we won’t be assaulted by ladybits. Maybe go to the museum, check out some Georgia O’Keefe’s.

Because there are tons of shows were I just turn on the TV an suddenly, bam, female genatalia. It’s because the only chanel I or anyone in my family watches is Showtime After Dark. Well, fuck that noise. From now on, we’re watching the Military Channel.  Though it still won’t stop them from seeing billboards in the street, come to think of it.

Also, thank you SC Johnson, a family company. Without you, I’d probably never have realized my kids have vagina eyes. They’re gruesome little beasties, my children. That’s probably why they keep getting teased at school. I’m planning to glue some false eyelashes on them in their sleep.