street harassmentWith every spring and summer, comes the warmer weather, the less clothing and the inevitable cat-calling. If you live in a city where your main means of getting around is by foot, that cat-calling, or more specifically sexual harassment, is a daily occurrence. While some men think they’re doing you a favor by “complimenting” you, others are just, well, I don’t know — assholes, maybe?

For the majority of my life, my go-to response in such situations when I was feeling feisty and decided to say something, was the always super creative, “Go fuck yourself.” As I matured a bit, that winning comment evolved into, “That’s unwanted sexual harassment,” and that was only if I said anything at all. Most times, I drop my head, feel weird and continue on my way.

Last night while rocking a new spring dress, one that pretty much screams, “Hey! Look at my rack!” a man said to me, “Baby, I want to give you a slice of my heart! I want to give it to you now!” Had he straight-up made a comment about my boobs, I could have at least known how to respond if I wanted to, but this was something else. I didn’t take it as a compliment, but as my friend and I discussed just after the incident, he definitely got an A for originality.

Personally, I’m against comebacks when faced with sexual harassment on the street. As I mentioned, sometimes I just can’t help myself so I do lash out, which either results in further “compliments,” or the immediate silence of the cat-calling buffoon. However, I know a lot of my friends absolutely refuse to stay mum in such situations, and actually have a running list of proper responses that really put the gentleman harasser in their place.

So, tell me dear readers, do you have such a list for when cat-calling happens to you? Or do you stay quiet? Do you find your middle finger gets more exercise this time of year, or do you actually love what you hear and therefore walk with your head held a little higher?


Photo: ICanHasCheezeburger