Because we don’t.

And yet, she’s out with Baz Luhrmann (who is directing the upcoming version of The Great Gatsby) and Leonardo DiCaprio (who is playing Jay Gatsby) and she’s being “strongly considered for the role of Daisy Buchanan.”

Oh, really? Really?

Look, I don’t hate Blake Lively for wandering around staring at people vacantly and thrusting her chest at them on every single episode of Gossip Girl. That’s Gossip Girl. The characters have to do something when they’re not teaching kids valuable lessons about how to form puns involving their own names (Chuck Bass-tard.) You can’t really judge anyone off of that.

But Blake Lively still strikes me as too accessible to personify the ever elusive American dream.

Perhaps because I still think of Daisy Buchanan as a thing with feathers that doesn’t so much perch in the soul as flutters delicately, just out of reach. To me, Blake Lively doesn’t convey “delicate bird fluttering out of reach”.  Blake Lively conveys “labradoodle”.  She reminds me of that girl in every high school who guys were in love with. You remember that girl? She smoked pot and had a completely monotone voice and listened to Dylan and looked great in maxi-dresses. That girl seemed gorgeous and free spirited but also totally accessible to  guys who thought of themselves as sensitive and artistic.

Blake Lively plays that girl perfectly (I don’t know if it’s just a role, maybe in her private life she like to wear cardigans and make sharp, snappy banter about Schopenhauer). That makes her a great Serena van der Woodsen. And it made her really great in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

And it will make her a godawful Daisy Buchanan.

Basically, I’m pushing for January Jones.