Well, you’re getting one, regardless. According to the New York Post:

On Nov. 11, Clover Club, one of the best cocktail bars in Brooklyn, will teach you how to create the perfect mixed drink.

The lesson will be led by Charlotte Voisey, who won the U.K. Bartender of the Year award in 2004, and will be followed by opportunity to put what you learned to the test by concocting specialty drinks for your classmates.

One catch: No men allowed.

Finally! There’s no time I like to have girls in underwear pillow fights more than after I’ve whipped up a batch of pink cocktails, and it’s uncomfortable when men are staring.

Oh. Wait.
No, really, why are no men allowed? The article doesn’t really offer any follow-up. Is it because women are afraid of getting tipsy and going home with male students? Is it somehow “empowering” to make drinks with other women? How?  Is it because so many mixologists are male and they’re trying to change the ratio by enlisting presumably employed women willing to pay for a cocktail class? That’s real subtle of them.
Mostly, I’m just worried that this may be code for “we’re going to spend the whole class making Cosmopolitans.”