The Fitzgeralds in their swimming gear.

My “beach read” is The Great Gatsby. This decision is partially because I’m an asshole and a snob, but mostly because it’s my favorite summer book (and my favorite in all the world!) and I read it every year. If I want to spice things up, I’ll go with, oh, some light reading like Anaïs Nin, but mostly summer is devoted to The Great Gatsby — which I’ll actually read more than once in a summer. It’s something about the heat, the sweat and day dreaming about standing in front of a beautiful man as I hauntingly whisper “You look so cool. You always look so cool.”

But for others a “beach read” is something light and airy; a book that won’t make an impact and they can probably get through in one sitting. They’re not looking to be moved, astonished or forced to read certain lines out loud simply because they sound that gorgeous when done so. No; for some they want, for lack of a better word, crap. I’m not judging, of course, because I never would! But I’ve just never understood that when people go to the beach, they think it’s time to shut off their brain.

In the hopes of evolving past my asshole ways, give me some “beach reads,” please! What are you guys reading this summer? The more embarrassing, the better!