Whether you call it ‘drunk brunch’ or ‘boozy brunch,’ you have to admit that getting sauced during the brunch time hour is the best way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. You’ve worked so hard all week, don’t you deserve a break that involves food, alcohol, and passing out by 4pm under a tree? Besides, those drunk text messages aren’t going to send themselves, so you need a vat of mimosas or screwdrivers to help you along the way.

Here in NYC our brunches, nine times out of 10, consist of at least one alcoholic beverage or, in many cases, unlimited ones. As long as you’re standing and can drink, they’re pouring them. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, although your liver may disagree.

Having traveled quite a bit I’ve found that a proper drunk brunch is actually extremely NYC-centric. There aren’t many other places in the world that offer a proper drunk brunch, so when you order a Bloody Mary at 11am, you’re all of sudden the one with a “problem.” Pfft. Why should you have a problem just because your town or city doesn’t celebrate a time honored event?

Having just come from NH for a couple days and having brunch — which is actually “weird” in those parts because people seem to eat breakfast at 9am — I was yet again shocked to find NO alcohol on the menu yesterday. What was this? Where was I? Hell?

Is your town or city down with offering alcohol at brunch or are you living in hell, too?


Photo: Life After Bagels