The Dude knows all.

The Dude knows all.

It’s not really a surprise that people do drugs. So it shouldn’t be surprising that people go to work high — some of them — or would rather not go to work at all and just stay home and get high.

However, and this might be true for you so you can relate, some professions require drug testing. I know! I screamed “bollocks,” too! And what’s being found is that amphetamines and painkillers are on the rise. According to Quest Diagnostics, in 2009, of all the federally mandated workers, (you know the ones who have to be tested), 17.4% were found to have had amphetamines in their system whereas 2011 saw that increase to 24.6%. Oxycodones, although not having seen the same jump, went from 2.7% to 3.1%.

As one whose drug use is pretty minimal and has a hard enough time functioning (work wise) after a couple glasses of wine at lunch, I’m not sure how anyone can get anything done… oh, wait; they’re not!

Although these statistics are specific to the oil and gas extraction business in Pennsylvania, one can’t imagine that these, er, professionals, are the only ones indulging in getting high while on the job. It’s also hard to maintain a job if you’re consistently high, and in turn, it’s hard to stay high if you don’t have the financial means to buy your drugs of choice.

Basically, what we have here are people are doing drugs, there are a lot of them and no one learned a damn thing from the anti-drug PSAs of the 80’s. Weren’t alive then? Here’s a nice collection for you. Drugs are bad, dude. They’re especially bad if you’re found out and lose your job over it.

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