Look, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, or much of anything on the Donald Trump Twitter account. At all, really. He seems like he fixates on bizarre causes. Basically, everything he says about Obama is absurd at this point. Remember when he offered $5 million dollars to try to blackmail Obama into handing over his college records? That was weird.

But was this Twitter response from Deadspin really fair? Donald Trump wrote to congratulate the Deadspin team on their coverage of the Manti Te’o story (his girlfriend Catfished him? He was exceptionally stupid, maybe? Or a weird con man? It was decided that his defense would be “I am exceptionally stupid, not a con man?”)

donald trump twitter

Anyhow, Deadspin responded like this:

deadspin twitter

I mean, this has been retweeted 5,950 times now (4,744 favorites) so I gather people are loving it. Buzzfeed especially loves it, and this is a pretty fun page with some good gifs. and, again, everyone disagrees with Donald Trump about a lot of stuff.


Doesn’t it seem a little bit, well, harsh? I mean, out of everything Donald Trump does, sending out a Twitter message saying that reporters did a good job seems almost… surprising, really. Just because it’s a nice thing to do. I mean, he is understandably morally objectionable to a lot of people, but wouldn’t it be better just to ignore this one? Or am I being a hopeless old fogey about this? It’s the latter, isn’t it?

Picture via Twitter