Whenever I think about the show “Celebrity Rehab” — which is rare, but it happens — I think to myself, “What is it about celebrities that make them so prone to addiction?”

And then I think, “It’s probably the same gaping emotional void that spurs them to need the attention and love of the entire world in the first place.”

Well, turns out I’m right. In this video (that People.com would not let me upload so you’ll have to follow the link), Dr. Drew explains why so many celebs wind up on his show: “People who become celebrities come to their celebrity status with liabilities. They’re predisposed to addiction and certain mental health issues.” Way to take each case on its own and not make sweeping generalizations! Always the consummate professional.

And can I just add, speaking of professionalism, that one of my favorite aspects of this video is the good doctor trying to come across as a credible medical expert while wearing a striped button-down open with a black t-shirt underneath, looking very much like a Hollywood type out to dinner at a trendy restaurant with a 50% chance of being hopped up on coke.