Was Diane Sawyer drunk during ABC’s election coverage last night? A lot of people seemed to think so, thanks to her erratic, stuttering comportment punctuated by bouts of childlike glee–it even spawned a soon-to-be-forgotten Twitter account, Drunk Diane Sawyer.

Yup, Sawyer spent the entire broadcast giggling, slurring, rambling, and bursting with meandering anecdotes. Here are some topics she covered:

  • How she loves “precision tweeting”
  • And “precision social media”
  • People dying for our rights
  • Her grandparents said she’d always be free
  • China is watching our every move
  • She’d love to hear and “feel” the rooms Obama and Romney are currently in
  • The President-Obama-Get-Out-the-Vote-Machine
  • Something about a lucky milkshake


Here. Watch some of these wonderful clips for yourself:


Although lots of people are speculating that she popped an Ambien and had some Chardonnay, we think that’s kind of ageist–Diane Sawyer could very well like to party. She, like most of Brooklyn last night, was probably just having a good time, bolstered by a (little bit smug?) sense of increasing security via Nate Silver.

We’re anticipating a statement from Sawyer’s camp blaming exhaustion, an allergic reaction to medication or some other socially acceptable form of getting awesome, but in the meantime, the estate of Orson Welles has issued this passionate defense of Sawyer: