LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 08: Director Woody Allen arrives for the Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Match Point' held at the Los Angles County Museum of Art on December 8, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ever since the open letter Dylan Farrow wrote regarding the sexual abuse Woody Allen allegedly committed towards her, everyone from the media, Hollywood and your Facebook feed have been commenting on it. Not only is the alleged crime important to discuss, but the responses so far–including Woody Allen’s–have been, too. More than a few people have accused Dylan of lying about the abuse for various reasons, but in a new interview with People, she vehemently denies any dishonesty in her claims.

With many saying she wrote the letter to “vindicate her mother” and to prevent Allen from winning an Oscar for Blue Jasmine, Dylan had a simple response to the question of why she wrote the letter:

“My intention in writing that piece was to put the truth on paper from a voice that was not able to speak before.”

Personally, I think the word “brave” is dramatically overused–seriously, every time anybody takes a selfie sans makeup or wears a bikini, they’ve suddenly “brave”–but in Farrow’s case, it applies. To talk about something so painful and so stressful when you know there will be an inevitable backlash of people calling you a liar, a whore, a bitch and a saboteur, it is indeed brave to write an open letter like that.

As for those who insist Farrow is simply recalling falsely implanted memories after two decades, she had this to say:

“People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my ‘evil mother’ brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behavior – this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims – is accepted and excused.”

While her brother Moses Farrow accused Dylan and their mother Mia Farrow of lying about the abuse as a “vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi,” Dylan’s brother Ronan Farrow stood up for her during the Golden Globes in a tweet that simply read, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?” Though this was obviously an immense show of support from Ronan, Dylan wanted to bring her voice to the discussion because she “realized it was [her] turn to stand up and to tell the truth.”

However, she told People she had no idea Moses would “betray” her the way he did by accusing her of lying:

“My brother has broken my heart. Moses divorced himself from the family a long time ago. I always missed him. I loved him and I kept him in my thoughts. These lies – this betrayal – is unfathomable to me coming from a brother I loved and cherished and grew up with.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, apologizing for crying. “I’m shaking right now.” … “My conscience is clean. I have told the truth. I cannot say the same for Moses.”

The most heart-wrenching portion of her interview, though, is when she–like many people who have experienced abuse at the hands of loved ones–explains why it hurts so much to hear all the accusations of lying against herself and her family, as well as why it was so painful to tell her story.

“My memories are true. What happened to me as a little girl … is my cross to bear. But I will not see my family dragged down like this. I can’t stay silent when my family needs me.
“Part of the reason why it was so hard for me to write the piece that I wrote was because once upon a time I loved my father so much.”

Again, heartbreaking.