I always imagined in a perfect world that the Beverly Hills 90210 gang (the first cast, people) were all best friends in real life. Obviously, this does not included Brenda Walsh because we all know she was an asshole and made everything about her. It’s not about you Brenda! It’s about Kelly Taylor! She’s a better dresser than you!

While the friendships between the female cast members waned in real life — Jennie Garth and Tiffani Amber Thiessen used to be besties, but are no more probably because Brenda is an asshole — Garth and the fellas are still buddy-buddy. Have you seen that Old Navy commercial? I die every time! I scream with joy and when the commercial ends I blame Brenda because she’s an asshole!

It’s been about five months since Garth called it quits with her husband of 11 years, Peter Facinelli. While she’s been struggling with the pain of such a loss and the demise of the relationship, it’s in her former cast-mate where she’s turning for advice during this difficult time. No, it’s not Brenda for reasons we already stated! It’s actually Luke Perry aka Dylan McKay aka Kelly Taylor’s soulmate.

As Garth told In Touch, “Luke has been one of my friends who I can call and talk about stuff and has been through something himself.” She’s referring to the Perry’s own divorce in 2003 from Minnie Sharp.

Being a huge fan of 90210 back in the day, I’m sensing a love connection here. Granted, this is based on my own delusions, but sometimes we need delusions to keep going. Perhaps these real life marriages didn’t work because Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay refused to stay in Beverly Hills where they belonged — did anyone ever think of that? Maybe fake world should be real world and they should actually get hitched!

As long as we keep Brenda out of the picture, Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay will finally find their way to love. I just know it.


Photo: Fox