When was the last time you cleaned your breasts? Have you been spreading health epidemic all over with your unwashed boobs? Feeling guilty about making all those people super duper sick? Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m here to offer you a chance at saving your country by using it’s bleach for your chest: BoobJob! Because you clearly can’t get the job done yourself, you gross woman, you.

…Just kidding, obviously. But in Egypt, the prime minister has actually blamed Egyptian women for the present diarrhea health crisis facing the rural portions of the country. In a recent cabinet meeting, Hisham Qandil emotionally described the suffering from diarrhea he witnessed newborns experiencing after being breast fed.

Despite having a PhD in biological and agricultural engineering with a minor in water resources from the United States, Qandil somehow sees the Egyptian women as being responsible for the health crisis. He insists that some villagers are “too ignorant” to know that they should clean their breasts prior to feeding their babies.

The few women in the meeting were reportedly uncomfortable with his ridiculous comments — and likely anybody with common sense was, as well. The prime minister, appointed by President Mursi and recently elected, is already unpopular among many circles, so it is expected that he could create even more instability with these types of opinions being vocalized.

Somehow, I’m not quite so sure he’s on the right track with this bizarre (i.e. totally absurd and sexist) theory. Breastfeeding has been going down in rural Egypt for, oh, as long as people have been around. While diarrhea has long caused serious health issues around the world for people in poorer areas, it’s widely known that unclean water bears much of the responsibility for that. Unfortunately, women are being made the scapegoat for a problem that clearly goes much deeper and further than simply breastfeeding issues.

Photo:  Raphael Goetter / Flickr