We all know that Bic For Her pens is a ridiculous concept and that every can collectively (and hilariously) agree on that. The idea that women need a different type pen and will say “no thanks” to any kind of pen besides a pink one is ludicrous. Oh, and it “writes smoothly,” too–are male pens full of stubble or something?–so apparently that’s why you’re all supposed to fall head over heels for these writing utensils that I can only assume will be used to write grocery lists and circle sex tips in Cosmopolitan relevant to your life.

We also all know that Ellen Degeneres is wonderful and will phrase things the way we all wish we could phrase them, yet even funnier. So when she decided to discuss the absurdity of making a pen “For Her,” I knew it was going to be amazing. And indeed, it was:

“For best results, use while barefoot and pregnant.”

It really is extraordinary that we’re still having companies market things to us like we’re this entirely separate species that has to have everything customized for us. It’s as though this is District 9 and men are the aliens that can use all their technology, while women are the humans that can’t operate any of it unless we somehow find a way to adapt. Plus, who the hell wants to read anything written in pink or purple ink?

So, thank you Ellen, for pointing out how ridiculous and sexist this is.

Photo: TopNewsToday