Photo via Ellen Degeneres' Twitter.

Photo via Ellen Degeneres’ Twitter.

The 86th Academy Awards has been all sorts of fun to blog about, from the best dressed to the worst looks all the way to these amazing GIFs of Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong’o getting on up with Pharrell and dancing. But this selfie that Ellen Degeneres snapped with a bunch of famous folks during the actual show? Yeah, it breaks every record in the books for MOST AWESOME SELFIE EVER.

During the show, sometime before she ordered pizza for everyone in the audience (thereby making a ticket to the Oscars even more envy-worthy), Ellen took the above picture with a huge array of stars and it is absolutely amazing. Jennifer LawrenceLupita Nyong’oBradley CooperJulia RobertsBrad PittAngelina Jolie, and so many more wonderful people is just the absolute best thing. It just is and we all know it, even though it makes us all (i.e. me, at the very least) desperately wish I could come chill with all of those fantastic people. I mainly want to eat pizza with them, but I’m not sure if that says more about my star-craziness or my obsessive love of cheese.

Here’s the actual tweet in case you want to retweet and favorite it, which was kind of the point of the selfie in the first place:

…As if you guys needed any more proof that Ellen is quite possibly the best BFF anybody could ever have, this is “case closed” evidence, mis amigas.