elliot spitzer

It’s been a few years since Elliot Spitzer resigned from office following the Ashley Dupre scandal, and he’s back! And not just on that very unfortunate talk show! He’s running for NYC comptroller against Kristin Davis, the “Manhattan Madam” who supplied him with call girls.

And Davis actually sounds as though she might be a better candidate? She told the New York Observer: 

“Quite frankly, I’m more qualified for comptroller than Eliot Spitzer,” she argued, pointing to the ten years she spent as the senior vice president of a $5 billion hedge fund. “Math, budgeting, finance. That’s what my college degree’s in and that’s what I did for most of my adult life. You know, he’s an attorney, not an accountant. So he’s not really qualified for that race.”

Ms. Davis further slammed Mr. Spitzer as a publicity-hound who is desperate to return to politics and looking to wipe the slate clean by jumping into a race that he perceives as weak.

“He disgraced the entire state,” she said. “We’re already $2.2 billion in debt. I don’t see him as being the guy to turn that situation around. He’s just a power-hungry person … It would be a disgrace for the City of New York to allow an unpunished criminal who committed multiple felonies to be re-elected back into office.”



You know, it sounds like everyone in this race might be something of a publicity hound (though I think Spitzer might also just really, really like to get back into politics) but, well, as Davis claims, “it’s going to be a fun race.”

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