Emma Roberts cronut

There are a lot of perks that come with being a celebrity besides the fame and fortune: free clothes, comped meals, strikingly valuable swag bags. But apparently, of all the wonderful benefits in the world of Celebdom, not one includes Cronuts. Ah, yes: the magical, highly sought after doughnut-croissant combo that New Yorkers are just crazy for.

When Emma Roberts decided she wanted a box of the popular sweet, she decided to venture over to Dominique Ansel Bakery and get in line. Because the queue was so long, however, she sent her publicist up to the front in order to request special treatment, i.e. getting to skip the line of all those silly “normal people.” Lines are for poor people!

Here’s the thing: New Yorkers take their Cronuts seriously. Dramatic reenactment:

Her request was denied, because Dominique Ansel Bakery is apparently the only place in NYC that cares about all its customers rather than simply its celebrity clientele, and she was forced to go to the back. Embarrassed and likely confused, Roberts wound up just signing some autographs and leaving because waiting was too hard. :(

Do not mess with people and their Cronuts, man. Imagine being the first person who doesn’t get their long-awaited overpriced dessert item simply because Roberts cut in line; it’d be like missing the last seat on the bus home because the woman in front of you saved a spot for her three of her coffee-craving, terribly-planning friends. Except, with pastries.

If you couldn’t tell, I find the whole Cronut craze a little ridiculous, but I respect the devotion people seem to have with them, and I deplore the entitlement celebrities often show, whether it’s on a large scale or a bite-size one.

Now, I’m personally not too keen on Emma Roberts already — though, of course, we still do not know exactly what happened that evening — so this admittedly made me giggle. But to be honest, I’m pretty sure I would feel that way about any celebrity who feels he or she deserves special treatment because of that status, whether it’s via cops or Cronuts.

Photos: Getty Images & cumi&ciki.