'The Bling Ring' Photocall - The 66th Annual Cannes Film FestivalAgainst all odds, Emma Watson has managed to go from precious and precocious child star to beloved adult actress. Rather than falling prey to the pitfalls of the childstar curse like so many others, Watson and her her career have thrived since the end of the Harry Potter film franchise. She’s just bafflingly lovely and un-hatable.

Here are 10 ways Emma Watson has avoided the infamous child star curse.

  1. She’s smart with money. Like a real-life Hermione Granger, Watson took a money management course to learn how to handle her fortune.
  2. She has skills other than acting and being cute. She’s a great model, for one. Instead of banking on her famous name and industry connections, Emma Watson is a well rounded person. If she ever wants out of Hollywood, she can start another career using her yoga teacher certification.
  3. She’s getting an education. She’s more Natalie Portman than Corey Haim. It may be taking her a bit longer than the average civilian, but Watson is getting her degree from the prestigious Brown University. A college education is priceless for former child stars who can’t play adorably precocious kiddies forever.
  4. She hasn’t had a stint in rehab. It’s a terrible pity how many child stars end up abusing drugs and alcohol. Though Watson hasn’t suffered through addiction or excessive partying, she likes to have a good time safely.
  5. Emma Watson hasn’t had a very public temper tantrum. She’s not entitled like that Justin Bieber, that’s for sure. For someone with her cache and money, she seems rather grounded.
  6. She’s a good citizen of the world. As far as we know she hasn’t endangered herself or others by driving while intoxicated.
  7. She’s made smart decisions when choosing movie roles. Emma Watson is more than just a teen witch and she won’t be typecast. Since playing Hermione Granger, Watson has portrayed different kind of people in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower(2012), My Week With Marilyn(2011), The Bling Ring (2013), among others, proving that she’s capable of portraying a wide range of characters.
  8. Her haircuts have all been very successful and seemingly intentional. She has a good head on her shoulders, so her well-recieved pixie seemed more like a style choice than a cry for help, unlike Britney’s unfortunate head-shaving incident.
  9. She has a squeaky clean reputation and police record. Someone hasn’t been arrested for anything, not even vandalism or possession of marijuana.
  10. This is the most controversial image of her. 

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