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We all know that Emma Watson is pretty much an awesome human being right? She’s a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador and she recently announced that she’ll be playing Belle (the best Disney princess hands down) in the live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Emma seems to ooze girl power from her pores and her Twitter account is no exception. Whether she’s defending female celebrities’ privacy or giving out awesome advice in a Q&A, her often filled with nuggets of feminist wisdom. If these 15 feminist tweets don’t make you love Emma Watson more than you already do, I don’t know what will.

1. That time she tweeted the best line from the greatest women’s empowerment poem ever to honor Maya Angelou’s memory 

emma watson maya angelou tweet pic via twitter

Am I the only one who’d love to see Emma do a rendition of this poem?

2. That time she dropped the proverbial mic

emma watson engineer quote via twitter

Nuff’ said.

3. That time she encouraged someone not to let the patriarchy get them down 

emma watson dont give up

I don’t know about you guys, but dealing with sexism makes me want to lie in bed and watch The Little Mermaid on repeat some days. Being reminded that we’ve all got to keep going is welcome advice.

4. That time she reminded us how important it was to keep on spreading awareness about #BringBackOurGirls 

emma bring back our girls text via twitter

I love that she used her platform to spread awareness about this issue last year.

5. And took a picture to show her solidarity with the movement 

bring back our girls emma waton pic via twitter

Just a picture of Emma spreading spreading feminism on the interwebs.

6. That time she kept it classy while talking to someone I’m 90% sure rolls their eyes when they hear the phrase social justice 

emma he for she via twitter

This person had the chance to have an exchange with Emma Watson and that was what he ended up going with? Really?

7. That time she handled this legitimate criticism of the HeForShe campaign like a pro

emma watson he for she binary tweet

Does anybody else love the fact that she heard this person’s criticism out without getting defensive

8. That time she gave a straight forward response to this doozy of a question about sexism

emma watson twitter internalized sexism

We’ve all gotta start somewhere and awareness isn’t a bad place to begin.

9. That time she dished about the best weapon you can have while fighting the patriarchy 

conviction emma watson he for she tweet via twitter

I am I the only one who gave this tweet a round of applause?

10. That time she showed solidarity with female celebrities whose privacy had been violated by The Great Nude Leak of 2014 

emma watson privacy tweet

If only the rest of the internet felt this way (I’m looking at you 4Chan).

11. That time she let us know that she also considers Malala Yousafzi to be pretty bad ass 

malala emma watson via twitter

I think we can all agree that Malala is everything.

12. That time she dropped knowledge about why men should embrace feminism

emma watson twitter

For all of the anti-feminist trolls out there.

13. That time she shared her take on the age old question of whether women should pursue families or careers 

emma career family twitter

After Emma wraps up Beauty and The Beast she should start writing an advice column

14. That time she gave advice to a guy wanting to be a feminist ally 

Emma Watson advice man via twitter

Simple but necessary advice.

15. And like a true Disney princess Emma was totally humble when it came to discussing her impact as a rising feminist icon 

emma surprised he for she

This answer is flawless.