We love you, Hillary.

We love you, Hillary.

First of all, the feminist in me wants to scream, “Duh!” at this “scientific finding” that empowering women is the way to save the world, but since I want to keep it professional, I’ll save my “duh” for the ending. I do believe that’s what a professional would do.

Anne Ehrlich and Paul Ehrlich, a team of population biologists at Stanford University have finally figured out the best way to keep our species alive and prospering without going overboard and ruining the environment. According to their studies, giving women more power in the world will lead to lower growth in population which, in turn, would result in “less stress on resources.” I’d like to say “duh” again here, but as I stated a few sentences ago, I’m holding out.

This makes a whole shit ton of sense when you look at the fact that our global population is about to reach nine billion people. Let me write that again with more umph: NINE BILLION PEOPLE.

According to this study that, to quote the male equation of the Ehrlich pair, in finally stepping into 2013 and giving women — all women, everywhere in the world — the full equality that obviously belongs to them it “will allow us to include more of their brainpower to help solve these problems. And studies have shown that when women are given full rights, they have fewer children, which will help slow birth rates. We also need to give every sexually active human free access to modern contraception and emergency abortion.” I know, your mind is boggled by the fact that this is not only news, but a study had to be done so it could be made legit.

Although Ehrlichs’ paper is mainly focused on how to prevent the fall of our civilization, it’s the part about how infinitely dire it is to get everyone on par with women’s equality if we are to save our species from extinction.

Prince Charles even responded to these recent findings by calling it both “timely and urgent” in regards to stopping the collapse of our civilization. Charles went on to further say, “to continue with ‘business as usual’ is an act of suicide on a gargantuan scale,” which may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth — even if it is coming from a Prince who’s holed-up in a castle all day like it’s 1600-something.

While it’s great to have scientific FACT that in order for a race to prosper without reaching a premature demise it’s truly imperative to treat all members of it equally, the troubling part is (and I type this with both anger and sadness), that’s actually asking a lot of certain cultures in this world. Even here in the United States, as you’ll see in the comment section from time to time, there are people — even other women — who do not see women as the important component of the species that we are. It’s an archaic thought, but it still exists.

However, as the study concluded, we still have hope. But that hope comes in the form of a major change in how we not only treat the women of the world, but in how we educate them and prove to them they are indeed worthy and equal.

To quote Abigail Adams, in a 1776 letter to her husband, Massachusetts Congressman John Adams: “Remember the ladies.” That goes for all of us. And on that note, I’m going to skip the “duh,” because Adams put it far more eloquently than I could have.


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