You know, "just in case."

You know, “just in case.”

As Sam already pointed out today, she’s irrationally terrified that the world is ending tomorrow. Crazy girl. Even as I walked her outside so she could grab a cab to the bus station back to upstate New York, her heart was palpitating. She couldn’t say why, but it’s probably all this end of the world shit.

The chances of the world ending is some fiery insane blaze of scariness is pretty slim, but what if? Isn’t the entire world about “what if?” What if it really is the apocalypse? Are you prepared?

My neighbor Kevin is prepared. He’s prepared for this the same way he prepared for Hurricane Sandy: a large box of condoms, lube and a flashlight. I guess he didn’t get the memo that the last thing on people’s mind during the end of the world is going to be having sex. Or maybe it will be the first thing? You know, after the volcanoes stop boiling over and the earthquakes have ceased. What few people remain will probably have to do something to restart the species and in that case, Kevin’s condoms will have been a waste.

Personally, I plan to be on a train tomorrow to New Hampshire, so if shit is going to go down, I’ll have to face it alone, on a train next to a strange. And for some reason I find this exciting. This also means that I don’t have an apocalypse survival kit, because fuck that shit.

But I know — Sam and Kevin aside — there are those who are preparing for a “just in case” scenario. Are you one of them? What do you have in your survival kit? Do you have a bunch of bottled water and canned goods, or have you, too, stocked up on condoms and lube?

Photo: Zap2It