I don’t get it. Aren’t there enough fashion/beauty magazines out there to address the hair problems, skin problems and fashion advice for both black and white women? Apparently not. I understand Essence Magazine. I think it’s a great publication for African American women to gain higher status and job opportunities in the fashion world. But ever since the outrage over the appointment of Ellianna Placas as fashion director because she is a white woman, I’ve lost a little respect. What happened to girl-power? United as a front? And more importantly, what about the girls who are stuck in the middle?

I have a friend who has an African American father and a white mother. She inherited her mother’s silky hair and her father’s rich skin color. Unfortunately for her, she has to buy two magazines a month. Do you know how much money a month that is? Just for some advice on which shampoo to use when it gets humid out and which concealer to use when she gets a pimple? That’s big bucks, people.

All I’m saying is people keep complaining over how terrible this new fashion director is going to be and how it’s going to ruin the essence of Essence Magazine. But I (the eternal optimostic) have a different outlook. I can’t stop thinking about how great this is going to be. How maybe, Placas will bring a new perspective to Essence Magazine. Maybe, in the future, my dear friend won’t have to shell out approximately $10 a week on beauty magazines to get her hair date-ready and her skin pimple-free.

I like to think we live in a world where all of our beauty questions can be answered in one publication. Where we can have hair products, beauty products and tampon ads in the same place. But just like that really famous guy who once told us that he had a dream, I guess I can have one too.