And somehow…I think that might be the point.

What is it about Evan Rachel Wood that makes me think she’s purposefully trying to convey the image that she’s a sophisticated divorcee from the 1940s who smokes a lot and lives dangerously – but with class. It is probably the stiff, vintage looking dresses and intensely heavy makeup she insists on wearing. Everywhere.

The orang-y red hair isn’t helping matters much either. Such a pretty blonde…why impersonate little orphan Annie?

But enough about her sense of style, which I don’t think I will ever be able to reconcile with the human behind the makeup spackle…that is until she is in fact the forty year old lady who drinks cocktails at 12:01pm and hits on her son’s friends…do you think her friends call her Evan? Or Rachel? Evan Rachel? ER? That’s just something I have always wondered. I have also wondered if it was possible for a person to be so pale that he or she is nearly translucent.

Apparently, anything is possible.

Image: INF

Image: INF