It’s nothing new to have naked people on the cover of Rolling Stone, their privates obscured by some measly piece of cloth or a strand of hair. But for some reason, this picture of Steven Moyer grabbing Anna Paquin’s boob — and yes, I know that they are together in real life — seems overly voyeruistic. Maybe it’s because they’re together in real life, and you know he’s feeling her up like that every night in the bedroom (or…if you’re me, you imagine that he is).

But I think it’s actually the way in which he’s grabbing it, which can only be described as a yank. It’s not him gently covering her breast, like this 1993 Janet Jackson cover. That is Stephen mashing Anna’s tit to the side, which can only be accomplished by having a substantial hold on the item. It’s very protective, very “yes, this tit belongs to me.” Well done, Rolling Stone — you have provoked me.