It’s yet another untold hazard of being married to a celebrity — even when you die, you’re still only known as “so-and-so’s spouse.” Of course, the death of Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, is headline news because we are all still reeling, several months later, from the untimely passing of Ty, our hero from Clueless. But no doubt he had some other notable characteristics — a name, for example — that might have been appropriate to include in the news that he has moved on from this life.

Curiously, a brief look around the web for more information about this Monjack character turns up little but questionable reports about his financial situation (not good), his work in Hollywood (shady), and his potential responsibility for Murphy’s death, due to his lack of intervention when she may have been taking drugs that inflamed a known heart condition.

One hates to go into details about the negative aspects of someone’s life immediately after they’ve passed, so I’ll leave it at that. It does seem like Monjack, as many news outlets reported, made Murphy happy towards what would be the end of her life. And certainly anyone who makes headlines for dying ought to be named. But the whole situation will no doubt leave speculators speculating, and may turn up some new information as time goes on and investigators look into the lives of both Monjack and Murphy (they may have more access now, since Monjack reportedly tried to prevent an autopsy from being done on Murphy). Because a husband and wife, both in their 30’s, dying within months of each other is certainly…curious.