Aubrey O’ Day

I’m sorry loves, but this Danity Kane chick, Aubrey O’Day, is Paris Hilton all ramped up to the enth degree. How so? Well…

* We have the shimmery Paris-esque dress. Only it’s giant and wrinkly and….ugh!

* Then we have the bleach blond hair, only Aubrey’s is long and stringy and not nearly all cute and bobbish like P’s.

* And finally, hair accessories. Paris loves to put things in her locks, and clearly so does Aubrey. But does it have to be a mongo-sized fabric flower? Um, no. It doesn’t.

So, there. I’ve said what I needed to say. If P. Hil is Aubrey’s style icon, that’s cool. I guess. But maybe Aubrey could just scale it back a hair and see what happens. That’s my snarky suggestion.

What’s yours?