CMT’s reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, about choosing the members of the most famous group of cheerleaders ever, is a total guilty pleasure. However, the offscreen drama is often way more interesting than what gets shown on TV. Much of the drama on and off screen centers around Kelli Finglass, director of the DCC organization, and Judy Trammell, the DCC choreographer, since they’re the people who choose which girls make the team.

Our informant – we’ll call her Yellow Rose – gives us all the scoop on Mean Girls, body issues, and double standards in the DCC. This comes all the way from deep, deep in the heart of Texas.

What are some reasons a girl might get kicked off the squad?

Reasons to be dismissed from the squad: missing practice, gaining weight, misrepresenting the team, dating players, showing up late to ANYTHING. Basically the DCC comes first. It comes before your job, your family, your health. However, not everyone is held to the same rules.

Can you give me an example of when “not everyone is held to the same rules”?

Kelli and Judy have their favorites. There’s a pair of sisters, a mommy’s girl, and a redheaded legacy in particular. Sometimes rules about weight are enforced, sometimes they’re not. You can get away with murder if you’re a pet.

Are there girls who have been kicked off for dating players, which is against the rules for the cheerleaders?

There have been girls kicked off for dating players, but it hasn’t happened in awhile. There are girls that are on the current squad, and have been on the team for many years, who have hooked up with players. Some of the girls sleep with other pro athletes from different teams. There’s a fifth year vet known for her party girl reputation who hooked up with a well-known East Coast baseball player and with a Cowboys player who has been in the tabloids recently.

Are any actions taken against players who sleep with cheerleaders?

Never! They might get a lecture on making better choices, but they will never be punished. The double standard is alive and well.

Is there anyone on the squad who is a Mean Girl?

A popular 5th year blonde veteran has been the “top dog” for awhile.  She’s Queen Bee and a bit of a bully. She’s one of the worst complainers during practice. A blonde 5th year (who retired last season), was another one that was stuck up and not very nice to people. A legacy redhead can have a mean streak and likes to be Kelli and Judy’s pet. A certain blonde 2nd year vet is known to be as fake as they come and a backstabber to boot.

Of course there’s other stuff… just cliques and people not including other teammates. Girls stealing boyfriends. Starting rumors about others. There is always some kind of drama in DCC land.

One story that’s sort of interesting… some of the DCCs blog for the official website. They get $20 a post for writing. However, one of the “pets” I mentioned before was caught plagiarizing her posts from other blogs. She got in trouble and the posts were taken down, but of course she didn’t get kicked off the squad.

Do any of the girls have drinking or drug problems?

This is probably one of the biggest issues on the squad: the party girls. Some girls get in trouble for drinking; some don’t.

As far as drug problems, a handful of the girls smoke weed and do MDMA when they party. I’m not saying I have a problem with drugs or that smoking weed makes you a bad person, but the DCCs are supposed to adhere to a high moral standard. They are just not the “America’s Sweethearts” that people make them out to be. This isn’t a huge secret in the party scene in Dallas.

Have any of the girls developed drug problems as a way to lose weight?

I know eating orders are a huge problem on the squad. Extreme cleanses, fasting, obsessive calorie counting, bulimia, diet pills, etc. I know of a few girls that have done cocaine in the past, but I can’t say whether it was to lose weight or just to “have a good time.”