E! host and reality star Giuliana Rancic is launching a newsletter website called FabFitFun. From Monday through Friday, readers can go to her website and get advice and tips about everything from fitness to style. We spoke to Giuliana about body image, putting your marriage on television, and who advice-givers get advice from.

Several other celebrities are doing lifestyle newsletters or websites, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Keys, and Teri Hatcher. Why do you think so many celebrities are going this route? How will FFF be different?

I am a fan of a bunch of those celebrity sites.  I think people like to have a space where they can express their opinions, connect with readers and really be themselves without the tabloid slant.

FabFitFun has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  Working in Hollywood can make anyone feel a little crazy, and I just wanted to create a place that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle.  We do have great beauty and fitness tips but FabFitFun is really just about feeling good from the inside out.  It’s fun, informative and a great way for me to connect with people.

You have been very public about your struggles with fertility. Why do you think there’s still a stigma about infertility? How do you deal with something as upsetting and personal as a miscarriage while in the public eye?

It’s not something people talk about.  I think many women feel like they are the only one who is dealing with this kind of emotional and physical struggle and it can make you feel ashamed.  It’s been a rough few months.  It was not easy to let the public in, but at the same time we know that it is something that needs to be talked about.  I guess my hope is that by sharing my story I can help other women realize that there are other women out there who are going through the same kind of struggles.  By spreading public awareness, I think we can take away some of the negative stigma that is attached to both infertility and miscarriages.

You and your husband Bill have a reality show. How do you balance being a regular couple with being a regular couple whose relationship is on TV? Are there any boundaries you refuse to cross?

I think it’s just about balance.  Although both Bill and I do spend a huge majority of our lives on camera we always make sure to take time for each other.  Luckily we are both pretty open people – but of course there are lines we refuse to cross – sex tapes, bathroom breaks, and me attempting to sing anything at all all are on the big “do not cross” list.

You have been on the receiving end of negative comments about your weight. How do you cope with criticism? What advice do you have for women who also face criticism because of how they look or what they weigh?

No one likes to hear the negative comments.  And while I want to say that I just don’t pay attention to the negative stuff- that’s just not always the truth and it does hurt. That said, I think everyone struggles with how they look.  I have just learned to take it all with a grain of salt (and a large piece of chicken with that salt).  I work hard to look and feel my best and try to forget about the rest.  Each month we actually talk about different way to boost your confidence at FabFitFun – everything from laughing out loud to an amazing pair of high heels to donating time to charity.  It really is a place where women can find easy, effective ways to feeling good.

Who gives you advice?

My mom.  She’s strong, independent, grounded, smart and just an overall amazing woman.  And I’m glad she still can’t send me to my room.