In the midst of this whole Jezebel offers $10,000 for unretouched photos of Lena Dunham‘s Vogue shoot debacle, there’s been a lot of worthwhile discussion about Jezebel’s stupid intentions. There’s a general consensus that Jezebel was basically being a mean girl under the guise of feminism, Dunham herself thought the whole thing was stupid and pointless (which it was), and when Jezebel got their hands on the photos, they just proved everyone right. Basically, Jezebel wasted everyone’s time but won the war on page clicks, and proved that mean girls win when we let them. There is however, one very important conversation to come out of all of this, and it has to do with that pigeon placed atop Dunham’s head.

The unretouched photos showed a few versions of Dunham posing without the pigeon, leading the experts over at Jezebel to postulate that the pigeon came from a stock photo. Vogue responded by Instagramming a photo of Dunham having the pigeon placed atop her head, ending pigeon-gate once and for all.

Having heard from Dunham, Vogue, Jezebel, and the whole Internet, we wanted to hear what The Pigeon had to say about the matter, and so we were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with The Pigeon.

The Gloss: How do you feel about the retouching you received?


Do you think that Lena Dunham is naked too often on TV?


You’re right, that was a really stupid question. I’m sorry. So…who are your other famous friends? Do you know the pigeons from Mary Poppins?


What do you think of this whole debacle?


What do you think this whole mess says about the current state of women as portrayed by the media?

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