I loved Sweet Valley High when I was growing up. Though my friends and I were more the Babysitters Club generation, the cool older schools at school all read Sweet Valley, and I loved sneaking them after class to read about boyfriends, drugs, and hooking up. And Lila Fowler, because everyone knows she was the real star.

The books made me feel cool just by association. So that’s why I nerded the hell out when I heard that a sequel called Sweet Valley Confidential is being published next year. The book takes place 10 years after the original series ended, so Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield (you remember: blonde hair, blue-green eyes, perfect size six figures) are now 28. And I got my hands on an exclusive copy of the first chapter. They’re behind the jump just in case you want to be surprised.

  • The first chapter is told from Elizabeth’s perspective. She’s now living in New York City, although she moved there recently.
  • She is working as an assistant editor at a small publication – not quite editor in chief of the school paper anymore.
  • It seems like she left home because something bad happened, and it seems like that bad thing happened between her and Jessica. During the chapter, Jessica calls and leaves a message because Elizabeth refuses to pick up. She has not told anyone in New York that she even has a sister.
  • Somehow, she can afford a one bedroom apartment in Midtown. Also, someone wants to live in a one bedroom apartment in Midtown.
  • Elizabeth is antisocial and does not have many friends in New York. She does not seem to have gone out of her way to meet anyone or make friends. That said, she does keep in close contact with her best friend from Sweet Valley, who is…
  • BRUCE PATMAN. Yeah, I know, right? The same guy who had a red Ferrari with the 1BRUCE1 license plate. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the hell they explain that one.

Anyhow, I only got to look at one chapter, but some interesting stuff has been set up. I might die if I have to wait until 2011 to read the rest, so fingers crossed some more of it gets leaked.

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