A photo of an amazing chest tattoo has gone somewhat viral after Facebook decided it violated their highly subjective terms of service and removed it from the page of Custom Tattoo Design.

As it turns out, Facebook may have chosen a losing PR battle in this case, as the elaborate and lovely tattoo was done on the chest of a woman who got a double mastectomy as part of her battle with breast cancer. Writes the shop:

Hello Everyone, This Tattoo was done for a woman who had breast cancer ! Facebook keeps removing the post in 24hour as an offensive photo do to nudity. However we feel this woman is both brave and strong so were going to post it anyways and ask for your awareness and support ; Please like and share this photo quickly to show your support for this and many other women who have lost so much. ( Kind Comments are welcome ) thanks !

This is stupid on a variety of levels. First and most obviously, the woman in question no longer has breasts or nipples, but a tattoo where they used to be, so there are no naked breasts to offend anyone. More importantly, though, there are some competing values here. Is a woman’s bravery, first in the face of cancer, and later in the face of a many-hours-long tattoo on a tender part of her body, really less important than some arbitrary standard of modesty?

The shop doesn’t think so, so they’ve boldly re-posted the photo to their wall. As of now, it has nearly 150,000 likes and 120,000 shares, and hasn’t been removed in a while. Victory!

Like New Yorker nipplegate, this just serves to highlight the stupidity of trying to prevent a site’s dillions of users from posting anything resembling ladybreasts…or to try to censor their pages in general. I, for one, cannot wait until Justin Timberlake leads everyone back to The New Myspace like some sort of well-dressed, classically good looking pied piper.

(Via Gawker)

Photo: Custom Tattoo Design