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As we have previously noted, Teen Mom/adult film star Farrah Abraham is confused about a lot of things, like contraception, the definition of “a porno,” and whether or not you should step to James Deen. (You shouldn’t.) Well, now we can add one more pile o’ confusion to the list: the confusion of not knowing the difference between three fairly common, fairly different words.

In a recent interview with Ms. Abraham, The Miami New Times decided to get a little bit cute by asking her if she was a feminist. It probably would’ve been rebloggable no matter what answer she gave, but what she said was a treasure trove of dumb the interviewer could not have anticipated:

Do you consider yourself a feminist?
I’m pretty feminine. I think so.

Not feminine — feminist.
What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?

No, that’s not what I’m asking at all.
What context are you saying it in?

It’s a complicated concept, but I guess at it’s most basic, it means that women are equal to men.
Oh, I definitely feel that women are equal to men. No doubt about that. I mean women should have equal rights to men, every day.

Oh dear. Can we make up a mnemonic device to help her tell the difference between these three distinct concepts? A Venn diagram, perhaps? At least she believes in equal rights (every day!).

It also bears mentioning that while her ignorance makes me sad, it makes me less sad than celebrities who pretend they do know what feminism means, even going to far as to talk about it in a fake Eurotrash accent, but are totally, utterly wrong. (I’m looking at you, Lady Gaga.) Maybe this embarrassing little incident will open Farrah’s eyes to a whole new world, and at this time next year she’ll be hanging out with Gloria Steinem and disavowing the hymen-powered machine that made her famous in the first place. A girl can dream.

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