This jerk... I'm still pissed at Jane for this one.

This jerk… I’m still pissed at Jane for this one.

If we look back at the books we’ve read, the movies we’ve watched or even the side-note characters in bad after school specials (anyone remember Ben Affleck in this?), there are probably more than a few who made a lasting impact. One more time: anyone remember Affleck in this? I guess it had one hell of an impact on me, because I still reference it on a daily basis; OK, more like weekly. Fine! Monthly, just monthly.

Ben’s “before Good Will Hunting” years aside, there are definitely legitimate characters out there who have probably fucked you up to a degree. You always assumed life was going to be all glitz and fairies, and some damn prince was going to show up on a white horse and say, “Come on, baby, I’ll put you up in a great condo,” but it never happened. So there you are, standing in the middle of your life, no prince charming in sight because he never existed, and you actually don’t have a wardrobe like Cher in Clueless. It’s a harsh reality, but ’tis how the world works.

With that cruel wake-up call in the forefront of our brains, let’s cover 10 fictional characters who probably, in a round about way, ruined our lives. Some are more obvious than others, and yes, I left out Jordan Catalano because I hate what he’s become. OK, “hate” is a strong word, so let’s go with “don’t like.” Fine! I still love him, but he’s not on the list!