cocktails prevent colds

The best lesson I ever learned in college was when a professor said the best remedy for a cold was whiskey. In fact I’d take that a step further and say the best cold remedy is a hot toddy, which tastes like Thera-Flu with Bourbon in it. But it turns out whiskey is not only the best cold remedy, it also helps prevent you from getting colds in the first place. Allow me to be the first to say, “Woohoo!”

According to Mother Jones, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University looked at two groups of monkeys; one group had access to alcohol, and the other did not. After seven months, the monkeys that consumed a moderate amount of alcohol every day showed a noticeably enhanced immune response. It was not only better the immune response of monkeys that drank way too much alcohol every day, it was even better than the immune response of the monkeys that had no alcohol at all.

The scientists are not yet sure why they got the results they did, though they were surely happy to see them. One theory is that moderate amounts of alcohol consumption stimulate the immune system and make it even more responsive in the long run.

That sounds great to us, especially in the holiday season, which is known for both large amounts of alcohol and cold and flu germs. Being sick during the holidays really sucks, so we’re going to go have one right now just to make sure.