twerking pudding sexy butt dessert

Nobody is ready for this jelly.

Twerking is in the Oxford English Dictionary and may or may not be an ancient yoga move, but it is definitely taking over the world. While we’re still waiting for the twerking robots that will certainly be taking over the world in the near future, Japan has gone and created a twerking dessert.

Starting with a package of Shin-chan puripuri pudding, which is tied to the long-running anime series Crayon Shin-Chan and comes with an ass-shaped mold to shape your milky pudding into a butt, some enterprising chef added a thong and a martini glass to create a “Sexy Butt Pudding” that looks like an ass and bounces like Jell-O in the cup. Yep: Your dessert is twerking at you.

I just found myself typing the words “Twerking Pudding Sexy Butt Dessert,” and now I know what a spam bot feels like.

The pudding kit is part of a DIY candy set from Japan, but it can be purchased from countless online import stores. (There’s one here.)

While I admire the chef’s creativity in taking a jiggly, white, butt-shaped candy and turning it into a sexy dessert, I find myself at a loss for a way to incorporate this genius into daily life. Certainly the dancing butt could go into a cocktail, but who could you serve it to? A bachelorette party, maybe? I’ve never been to a bachelorette party and have no idea how those work. At least it’d be a way to show up your friend with the boob-shaped Jell-O mold who is always a riot at parties.

Check out the full instructions and catch the twerking cocktail in action with this video from Bonobos25:

[youtube_iframe id=”QHw3ieSEBlM”]

Via The Huffington Post