Hey, fellas! Do you want to date women who pretend to be attracted to you because your finances offer them the security they are either unable or unwilling to obtain through hard work of their own? Just pick up a copy of Forbes Magazine, and that dream could become a glorious reality.

At least, that’s what these ads for Forbes Brazil (tagline: “Money makes you look younger”) say to me. Setting aside for a moment the logical fallacy of these images (don’t they actually imply that having your face on money makes you look younger?), does anyone else find this a bit dark? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think most people at least like to pretend that their closest relationships are not purely transactional in nature. Something along the lines of: “She doesn’t like me because I’m rich, she likes me because I’m talented and driven, qualities of which money happens to be a byproduct.” Or: “I like him because he’s handsome, funny, good at wearing suits, etc. The fact that he’s able to materially support me as I chase my pie-in-the-sky dream of being an actress is merely a happy coincidence.” Best case scenario, those things might even be true.

I realize not everyone has a soul, but to consciously set out to make enough money to purchase oneself a girlfriend just seems kind of…cynical? Sad? This is a separate issue from simply purchasing sex, which seems less depressing to me, because there’s no illusion of romance. To use a platonic analogy, I would pay someone for the physical act of helping me move, but I would not pay someone for the emotional act of being my friend. Does that make sense?

Then again, I could be reading this ad wrong, and the coded message could be “fuck yeah, prostitutes!” What do you think?

(Via Buzzfeed)