Cat Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is always an exciting time. It is the unofficial start of summer for many people. Plus, you get to celebrate the things that make the USA so great with all of the red, white and blue in your closet. The weekend is usually filled with barbecues, fireworks, campfires, cocktails on rooftops and trips to the beach. And we cannot forget about the epic Fourth of July sales. With so much to see and do, it is no surprise that the Fourth of July can be an emotional time.

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These are the emotions that everyone goes through on the Fourth of July:

1. Excited

Fourth Of July Onesie

The only thing better than a regular Friday is a Friday before the long weekend. This weekend is going to be EPIC. You have so many great things planned. You can practically feel the sand between your toes and the scent of hot dogs even though you’re still in your cramped office. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing.

2. Patriotic

American Eagle

USA! USA! USA! There is just something about seeing all of the red, white and blue, and those cheesy hats that makes you want to start singing the national anthem. Is it corny? Yup. Do you care? Nope. Pass the flag, the horn and the tri-colored streamer because you are going to celebrate this glorious land.

3. Stressed


Maybe you made one too many plans this weekend. There were just so many good things and now you’ve overextended yourself. To make matters worse, every crazy person seems to be out on the road and they all seem to be driving 20 miles below the speed limit. And what is this nonsense that they are sold out of snow cones? No way. That is not acceptable.

4. Sore


Why did you have to slack on the sun protection?! You were being so diligent. You even remembered to take your bottle of SPF to the beach and reapply it after you took a dip. Then you got a little too wrapped up in everyone’s stories and the delicious cocktails, and you totally lost track of time. Now, everything is sore and bright red. Someone pass the aloe vera, ASAP.

5. Entranced


There is just something about fireworks that is so mesmerizing. You are totally down to sit in the wet grass and get bitten by misquotes just so you can watch some bright flashes of light in the sky. You could watch the fireworks explode for hours, especially when the display is accompanied by music.

6. Sick


Please no one mention hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, ice cream and popsicles for like three years, okay? They started out so amazing, but now you cannot stand the smell or the look of them. Eating that last corn dog was definitely a mistake. If anyone even brings up mustard in a conversation, you’re pretty sure that you’re gonna be sick.

7. Greedy 


Overindulgence was the keyword this weekend. You probably consumed at least double your weight in desserts that looked like mini American flags. And you could not say no to the chili…or the margaritas…or the chips. And then there was that sale. How could you forget that Fourth of July sale? You should never have shopped after having those blue and red cocktails.

8. Depressed


Wait, the weekend is over already? You need another three days just to recover. Ugh. You cannot even think about going to work tomorrow. This is totally running the last few hours of partying. You might as well just go to bed now so you don’t feel like you have a head full of rocks tomorrow.