[UPDATE: Looks like Frances changed her Facebook name again, to Frodo Matthew Lillard. Respect.]

The internet is abuzz today with the rumor that Frances Bean Cobain might be engaged….to a dude that looks a little bit like her late dad, Kurt Cobain.

The rumor springs from a not-really-cryptic-at-all Facebook post, in which Ms. Bean (who goes by Frances Rachel Leigh Cook on Facebook) states of her manpiece, Isaiah Silva: “Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world.”

It has also not escaped the notice of intrepid journalists that Frances may have been recently bit by the nesting bug, albeit at the tender age of 19; just a few months ago, she bought a house in L.A. that cost nearly $2 million.

Up until a recent slew of press, Frances has been notoriously private, emancipating herself from her hot mess of a mom in 2009 and avoiding paparazzi, interviews and the like. Now, with an art show, a few photo spreads and the not-so-subtle suggestion that she’s tying the knot, it looks like Frances is about ready to make her highly anticipated debut.