While Jen posted the best, chillingest, most delightful moment of the 2013 Grammy Awards right damn here, this one was the most hilarious screengrab to me.

In the event you needed more proof that Chris Brown is a petulant child with a hemophiliac ego, here it is: while the rest of the audience stood up and applauded artist Frank Ocean, Brown stayed still in his chair, doing teensy little golf claps as though his passive aggression would gain him more credibility than standing up and acting like an adult. Ocean’s “channel ORANGE” beat Brown’s “Fortune,” thus solidifying in everyone’s mind what we’ve all already accepted happily to be true: good person Frank Ocean deserves more success than shitty person Chris Brown.

I’m sure it’s super duper hard to be the asshole who has repeatedly assaulted people, refused to change and continuously declared how dominant you are via descriptions of revolting acts (and actual acts) of violence. But does that frustration mean you get to act like a little kid whose boss mommy took away his wittle award? I’m sure Ocean’s win is a little more upsetting to Brown than to most, as the two were involved in a fight that turned rather ugly just a few weeks ago, but what adults do when things like this happen is accept it and move on. Brown, naturally, decided to stay seated and act like an 8-year-old. Forgive me if I am not filled with shock.

The fact that Brown is allowed into the Grammy Awards — or any show, for that matter — after brutally beating Rihanna post-pre-show party is unacceptable. And yet, those who are opposed have had to accept this and move on, because it is reality and reality absolutely sucks sometimes. Brown’s able to attend this and many shows, because he is himself, and famous, attractive people apparently don’t have to answer to their wrongdoings beyond unattended community service and some fines. If I were Brown, I’d desperately be trying to find a way to prove to people that I’d change; of course, he is a form of an honest man: the kind that honestly doesn’t give a shit about progress, evolution and redemption.

I know that Brown simply abstaining from a standing ovation seems like nothing to some. I may not care a ton about Frank Ocean/most celebrities in general, but I do care about how Chris Brown reacts because it is just one more sign of his refusal to change for the better, no matter what and no matter when.

Screen grab via Buzzfeed.