Looks like Barack Obama isn’t the only amateur comedian out there. Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper fired back at Stephen Colbert weeks after Colbert accused the CNN anchor’s “Ridiculist” of being a rip-off of his “On Notice” list.

In his segment, which aired at the end of April, Colbert accuses Cooper of being “nothing but a thief,” and creates a whole new board upon which to place Cooper: “For stealing my idea, I’m putting you and your Ridiculist on my Absurduchart.”

In response, Cooper put together a comedy bit, and it is totally respectable. He first accuses Colbert of ganking his idea to be on the cover of Outside magazine, noting that “my cover shot was a far more heroic pose.” Then, he takes a fabulously self-deprecating swipe by saying that he was the first one to have a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor: Whitebread Ripple: “It may not be as well-known as yours, sir, but it does have a brisk business in Kennebunkport and Locust Valley, late July to early August.”

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