As you may have heard, Lady Gaga made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards dressed as a man named Jo Calderone.

Calderone, she told reporters (in character), grew up in New Jersey, has ancestors from Palermo, Sicily, and is neither actor, model nor singer, but just a regular guy. At one memorable point in an interview, Gaga-as-Jo snapped at a reporter who called him/her a guido: “I’m not a fucking guido. What are you, fucking — you don’t like Italians?”

Anyway, what we’re here to talk about is the fact that Rolling Stone is now reporting that Gaga wore a prosthetic penis under her suit to really get into character, and we would like to say that we salue that endeavor. Why, I remember the first girl that I ever knew to wear a prosthetic penis under her clothes, and I remember her saying how uncomfortable it was (but also, how it was a surprisingly sexy thing to do).

Gaga is known for going all out, but being over-the-top all the time removes some of the risk. This performance, and the penis that went with it, took commitment to her art form to a whole new level.

This gets a “well played,” Gaga.